Surfdao is the way to find yourself through surfing and communing with ocean

Hey, I’m Lena,
Main surf coach and co - founder Surfdao
I have started my path as a Surfing Coach since 2009 in Bali.
Prior to moving to Bali I worked as a fitness instructor with clients of all age and different physical abilities
My fitness and surfing background helped me to develop a customized unique training program that improves surfing skills, maximizes endurance and physical performance as well as technical capabilities

Certified surf coach Level 1 & 2 ISA (International Surfing Association ) since 2010
Certified Personal Fitness trainer since 2006
Along with fitness I study massage: classical russian and sports massage, thai massage (Northern style)
Certified as an instructor in health practices of Qigong and Tai Chi in 2018
Practitioner and adept of various systems of yoga and Buddhism;

Since 2017 I have been conducting camps and retreats in which surf training is supported by mind, body, health-improving practices along with powerefull connection with Nature.
Hey, I’m Anastasia,
Сo - founder Surfdao
Came to surfing, through fear of the water, saw that it is a cool tool in solving all sorts of problems. I consolidated the results through yoga and freediving. For me there are no barriers, I go into my fears, I love to push the boundaries of possibilities!

  • Insured athletes at the Freediving World Championships 2021.
  • Participated in the first surf therapy for children in Russia 2022
  • I manage projects with my mind
  • I live in Bali, building a coffee shop.
  • Once you meet me, you will stop drinking bad coffee.
Hey, I’m Safier,
Surf coach
I'm originally from Nias, from the island of Sumatra, where surfers from all over the world go in pursuit of world-class waves. My family lives in the bay where one of the best waves on the island is located. Surfing is in our blood!

When I first started surfing, I was a little scared. However, I loved surfing and kept at it until I gained confidence. For me, surfing is the best combination of confidence and fun! What could be better?!

With me in the ocean you will always be in a good position, feel confident, catch lots of waves and have a lot of fun! Your safety is my priority.
Hey I’m Twiggy,
Surf coach
I was born and raised in Australia and have been living in Bali for 11 years now. I have been surfing for over 45 years. I am a surf technique coach.My goal is to help people do less to achieve more in the ocean by using their body correctly. Surfing can be simplified to a series of familiar biomechanical moves that most people already perform on land, it's just that in the ocean we sometimes overcomplicate things. Let's learn surfing and have fun riding waves.
I believe the most important thing is to pay attention to detail. This applies not only to your surfing technique, but also to your moods, behavior and speech. I use all of this information to create a formula that will help to improve your surfing, and encourage you to find your own style. On training and retreats with me you will feel that surfing can be easy and fun!