Hey surfers
Here you will find your way into surfing, and which aspect of surfing you need to develop ,so that you can start getting the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from learning to interact with the ocean

We are skilled and love what we do. With us you will immerse yourself in the amazing world of surfing, learn new things about yourself and get high from the learning process itself!
Learn from the professionals
We know that surfing is one of the most difficult sports. We also know the formula of surfing and we are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you!
Feel like you're in paradise as you conquer the waves in breathtaking locations.
Surf trips
"Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have
on this planet, a taste of heaven."
- John McCarthy
Take a lesson from experienced and enthusiastic surfers
Upcoming events
October 1-7, 2024
from $1700
Surf camp G-Land
National Park
3 meals per day
Boat transfer
30 December - 6 January, 2025
from $1700
Surf retreat Sumbawa
Qigong practice
Oceanfront hotel
Empty linups
February 12 - 23, 2025
from $3800
Surf retreat Mentawai
Perfect waves
Oceanfront accommodation

Uncrowned linups

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